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My name is Evanna, and I specialise in original and custom-made, modern animal and pet portraits in oils.   Working from my home studio in Co Wicklow, Ireland surrounded by my ‘mutty-cultural’ family (as seen in the photo)!   Being surrounded by dogs of various breeds inspired me to capture the beauty, quirks and fun in all of them.

With a background in music and events it has taken me until now (very, but not too, late in the day!) to discover the joy of painting with oils thanks to my very patient teacher … artist Robert Teeling.  Over the past two years I’ve concentrated on animal portraiture and some of my original paintings can be found at the Kilmantin Art Gallery in Wicklow Town.

Recently I’ve begun working on commissions from photos of a wide variety of beloved pets turning snapshots into artwork. 

Take a moment to check out my Gallery to see examples of my work.

Each piece is lovingly tailored to the clients brief and specification plus I'm getting to meet a lot more dogs! 

If you would be interested in commissioning a painting please contact me directly for a quote.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

The 3 Amigos
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